Eliza Tamo


Seascapes of the English Channel and of the North Sea between 2016 and 2018 printed on original postcards of the pre WWI period. The photographs of the two bodies of water that physically separate and unite Great Britain with mainland Europe are combined with the inscriptions of the writers, evoking playful and allegorical impressions on Brexit.      

Who wants to sleep in their mother’s womb tonight


The work consists of a collection of images of and around the Aegean Sea with a sonographic aesthetic. Taking into consideration the historical time, the myths, the cultural significance and the harsh present political reality of the Aegean Sea I wanted to give a material existence to an unseen world where the living and the dead coexist. A non-­ place of both safety and barbarism that reflects our common destiny and blurs the boundaries between the two worlds. The title borrows itself from a phrase the Druze fighters used to shout going into battle.